Best History of Valentines Day 2020

St Valentine’s Day has roots in many distinct legends which have found their way to us throughout the ages. Among the earliest popular symbols of Valentine’s day is Cupid, the Roman god of love, who is represented by the image of a young boy with bow and arrow. Several theories surround the history of Valentine’s Day.

These Real Valentine

 Roughly 300 years after the passing of Jesus Christ, the Roman sovereigns all things considered requested that everyone trust in the Roman divine beings. Valentine, a Christian minister, was tossed behind bars in view of his lessons.


On February 14, Valentine was executed, on the grounds that he had been a Christian as well as in light of the fact that he had played out a supernatural occurrence. He purportedly restored the prison guard’s little girl of her own visual impairment. The prior night he was executed, he created the corrections officer’s little girl a goodbye letter, marking it”From Your Valentine.” Another legend discloses to us this identical Valentine, well-cherished by all, acquired notes while at his jail cell out of children and companions who missed him.

Bishop Valentine?

Another Valentine was an Italian religious administrator who inhabited about the very same time, A.D. 200. He had been detained in light of the fact that he furtively wedded couples, in opposition to the laws of the Roman ruler. A few legends state that he was singed at the stak

Valentine Day of Choosing a Sweetheart

 The propensity for picking a darling with this specific date spread through Europe from the Middle Ages, at that point to the early states. Through the ages, individuals additionally imagined that flying creatures picked their own mates on February 14.


Back in A.D. 496, Saint Pope Gelasius I reported February 14 as”Valentine’s Day” Though it’s anything but an official occasion, numerous Americans commend this day.

It’s the day which you uncover your companion or adored one that you give it a second thought. You may send confections to someone you believe is novel or send roses, the rose of adoration. Numerous people ship”valentine,” a welcome card named for its notes that St. Valentine got in jail

Greeting Cards on Valentine’s Day

 Potentially the most punctual welcome cards, high quality valentines, rose in the sixteenth century.

As right on time as 1800, firms began mass-delivering cards. Initially, these cards have been hand-hued by plant laborers. From the mid twentieth century, even expand trim and lace strewn cards have been made by machines.

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